Paint Billy Bookcase

Paint Billy Bookcase | When is a bookcase not just a bookcase? No. It’s not just a trick question. While an item of furniture designed with implied reason for holding books is usually called a “bookcase”, it’s not requisite the piece performs in line with the intentions of the company’s designers. As with all kinds of other components of home furnishing, the function of the piece might be altered with little regard to its current form. Here are a couple of design tips, ideas for using bookcases for other activities than holding books!

First, why not consider it as being a media storage shelf. DVDs and CDs take up lots less space than books the other good bookcase could hold your complete collection. Stack them by genre and rehearse whimsical bookends to separate each grouping. If you don’t like that idea, you may use the standard bookcase being a showcase on your collections, whether or not they are pretty straight forward things such as baseball cards or expensive and desirable french porcelain teacups.

Looking for a more utilitarian way to build your bookless bookcase work for you at home? Then apply it to keep those dishes that never apparently easily fit in your home cupboards. With a little creativity, a couple of kitchen friendly touches and smart packing, you will find homes for small appliances, punchbowls and that urn brimming with corkscrews. In the pantry it may hold canned goods and canisters, too.


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